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ARTICLE:  Interleague - About FLD6 Interleague Play

March 02, 2011 / Section: Interleague Play (IP)
By Greg Sinadinos

Interleague Play is where a local league from FLD6 plays another league (either from FLD6 or another District).  Interleague Play is governed by the District.

Little League Baseball & Softball allows for the ability of each local league to play other local leagues in their District and even local leagues in other Districts. When a team from one league plays a game against a team from another league, this is called Interleague Play and falls under the jurisdiction of the District in addition to the Rules and Regulations of Little League.

Prior to any games being played, the leagues who wish to participate in Interleague Play must fill-out and file the appropriate "Interleague Play Application" (IPA) with the District Administrator. The District Administrator must approve the IPA prior to any games being played.

Little League also allows for teams that have participated in Interleague Play to "combine" their league with another local league for the purpose of Tournament Play (All-Stars).

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