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League Age Calculator - What League Age Is Your Child ?

Section: Rules & Regs, Forms & Documents / June 15, 2019
Use this calculator to determine the “League Age” of any Baseball or Softball player-participant or player-candidate.

Proof of Residency Requirements

Section: Rules & Regs, Forms & Documents, About - Little League / June 15, 2019
Little League requires that every child registered be able to provide 3 Valid Proofs of Residency. When a Regulation II(d) or a IV(h) Waiver is requested, 3 Valid Proofs of Residency are required to accompany the waiver request from the last season in which the player resided within the Local League's boundary.

FORM: For a list of Little League's Valid Proof of Residency Requirements > Click the "Link" button.

D6 Form - Tournament Temporary Coach

Section: Forms & Documents, Tournament of Champions, LLT - FL District 6 / January 01, 2015
Temporary coaches may be appointed by a League President if a regular team coach or manager is unavailable for a tournament game (not including ejections). The form must be signed by the League President and submitted and approved by the District Administrator prior to the game.

Types of Little League Waivers

Section: Rules - LLB Waivers, Forms & Documents / February 18, 2010
Information on the different types of Little League Waivers.

NOTICE - Waivers of the Little League Rules & Regulations (including Boundary Waivers) can only be granted by the Little League Baseball Charter Committee (LLBCC) at the Little League Headquarters in Williamsport PA. No other person or entity has the authority to grant a LLB Waiver (including coaches, League Board members, League Presidents, or District Staff members).

LLB Form - Sample League Constitution

Section: Forms & Documents / January 20, 2010
Sample League Constitution (PDF)
Each league must have a current (ratified every 3 years) league constitution on file with Little League. Leagues can use this form to create their league constitution.
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