Update - Rule 4.04 Continuous Batting Order (CBO)

January 01, 2009
By FLD6-DA Greg Sinadinos

Please follow all current Little League and FLD6 Interleague Play Rules.  District 6 endorses Little League's position on creating a rule that allows more opportunity for players to develop their hitting skills.  All FLD6 Divisions of Interleague Play in both baseball & softball are allowed to use CBO.

RULE 4.04 NOTE 1 - The continuous batting order is MANDATORY for all Tee-Ball and Minor League Divisions.

Rule 4.04 gives leagues an opportunity to get the players more at-bats and more playing time with the continuous batting order (CBO).

There are some questions that have come up as a result of more leagues using the (CBO).

1. League uses the continuous batting order and a player gets hurt while at-bat. What do we do now?
Answer: The next batter in the order takes his/her place and assumes the count and the game continues. If that injured player is unable to continue in the game the next time he/she is scheduled to bat merely skip over him/her and continue the game.

2. League is using the CBO and a player is at bat, hits the ball and is hurt while running the bases. Who takes his place on the base?
It is recommended that the last out of the previous inning is the player who is substituted to run for the injured player. Or you can even use the last out of that offensive inning. What you need to watch out for is getting in a situation where the offensive team needs a run and all of a sudden they need a runner and “they” select the team’s fastest runner. Make it clean and in writing so there will never be any questions.

3. League is using the CBO at the Junior/Senior/Big League level and wants to take its pitcher off the mound put him/her in the dugout for a rest and bring him/her back later because he/she is still in the line up. Can they do that?
No, not really. While admittedly the player is still in the batting order, however, when they took the pitcher off the mound and moved him/her to the dugout they lost their chance to bring the pitcher back. The rule was written to keep the pitcher in the lineup both offensively and defensively.

SOURCE (09-03-14)

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