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District 6 Interleague Play
Little League Baseball & Softball allows for the ability of each local league to play other local leagues in their District and even local leagues in other Districts.  When a team from one league plays a game against a team from another league, this is called "Interleague Play" and falls under the jurisdiction of the District in addition to the Rules and Regulations of Little League.
To facilitate play between local leagues, we have developed different divisions for Interleague Play here in Florida District 6. 
To view the different divisions of play, click-here.
Divisions of Interleague Play
FLD6 Rules & Forms
Get the latest copy of the FLD6 Interleague Play Rules here.  Notices of Updates to the rules will be sent out via the FLD6 Newsletter system (registration link above).  Make sure you are registered as a Coach or League Board Memeber to get these notices.
Every Interleague Play team MUST carry this roster with them at every Interleague game.  A copy of this roster MUST be turned into your District 6 ADA as well.

Interleague - FLD6 Rules (PDF)

Section: Interleague Rules & Forms, Rules & Regs / March 04, 2015
Link to the most recent FLD6 Interleague Play Rules for All Divisions of Baseball & Softball. (PDF)

Interleague - About FLD6 Interleague Play

Section: Interleague Play (IP) / March 02, 2011
Find out how Little League Interleague Play works...

Interleague - Team Roster Form

Section: Interleague Rules & Forms / March 01, 2011
This form must be carried by each team to every Interleague Play game. The form must alse be on file with the District. Without this form on file with the District, your team is not eligible to participate in Interleague Play.

Interleague Divisions of Play & Notes You Should Know

Section: Interleague Play (IP), Rules & Regs / March 26, 2009
All divisions of Interleague Play MUST fall within these age groups in order to facilitate play between leagues. There are also notes and explanations on each division that you should know if you participate in Interleague Play.

Update - Rule 4.04 Continuous Batting Order (CBO)

Section: Rules & Regs, Interleague Rules & Forms / January 01, 2009
Rule 4.04 gives leagues an opportunity to get the players more at-bats and more playing time with the continuous batting order (CBO). - "" RULE 4.04 NOTE 1 - The continuous batting order is MANDATORY for all Tee-Ball and Minor League Divisions.
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